Of the Lewes Priory School Chapel Trust,

Held on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at the school

 1. PRESENT: John Davey, (Chairman) David Carter, Paul Hayler, Graham Mayhew, John Murray, Alan Pett, Martyn Relf, Tony Smith, John Gower and Toby Rollinson (invited guest).

 2. There were no apologies for absence.

 3. The Chairman welcomed Graham Mayhew, our new Trustee.  Graham joins us in his capacity as Mayor of Lewes.  In future the Mayor of Lewes will be invited to join the Trustees for her/his term.  As an old Lewesian, Graham will continue as a Trustee after his year as Mayor ends.

 4. The minutes of the 2016 meeting were accepted as a true record.



 The Edgar Povey trophy is now at the school and is being used regularly.

 The large silver cup (some 1.75 kilos in weight, and solid silver) which had been used by East Sussex police and then East Sussex County Council Athletics Association is now in the Brighton police museum.

 The paten and the chalice, made by Ken Gourley for use in the Chapel, are still with JD.  He unsuccessfully approached Chichester cathedral; they didn’t want them.

 JD raised the possibility of sending our minutes to LCLPT, via TS, so that they can be aware of what the Chapel Trust are doing.  This was agreed.

 6. PH had previously circulated the Treasurer’s report, and the annual report for the Charity Commission.  He stressed how valuable regular donations are.  DC enquired whether any money is committed for any project at present; PH said no.  He added that the Trust’s financial position was good at present.

 7. TR circulated copies of his ‘Planned Maintenance Report’.  He explained that there are no urgent issues at the moment.  He took the Trustees through the main points of his report.  JD thanked TR for undertaking the work free.  TB will complete and refresh the report.  DC said that once this had been done, and the school had had the opportunity to see what’s required in terms of regular maintenance, then if there were issues which went beyond this, the Trustees could consider whether they might be able to assist with them.

DC wondered whether TR’s timetable for completing his report would mean that the Trustees would be in a position to put any ideas we may have for helping with specific issues, to the Old Lewesians in September. TR said this should be possible.

GM enquired whether, given the Chapel is a listed War Memorial, we have applied for any specific grants for such a building, which exist from the War Memorials Trust. So far we had not.

 8. TS gave a report on the Chapel.  He explained that Assemblies were held there four times a week.  It is also used for music lessons, for exams and for special events.  It is in daily use.  With regard to exams, the old lighting wasn’t good enough and the decision was made to replace it.  TS will send round a copy of his report after the meeting (this has now happened).

As far as the Organ Scholarship is concerned, TS reported that Antony Wilson started as the teacher in September 2016.  Initially he had four students.  It proved very difficult to choose who should be offered the scholarship.  Finally one student was chosen and he started in January 2017.  There was a discussion over whether Trustees felt we might want to extend the scholarship to another equally talented student.  PH agreed to contact C Whitham to see if he’d be happy to match our contribution, if we were to do this.

 9. DC explained how Old Lewesians were an important potential source for fund-raising and legacies.  He would like to do a pitch on these topics at the next reunion; he, PH and JM will work on this.  DC also explained that we ought to think more widely about fund-raising and legacies, with a view to interesting the next generation.

 10. Everything for this item had previously been circulated by JM.  There were no questions.

 11. JG had previously circulated a report on this item.  He added that he would send round an email for those Trustees who were taking Chapels in April, and the reserves, giving final details.

 12. MR wondered if the Remembrance Service should become an annual event.  Trustees thought this was a good idea.  TS explained that from the school’s point of view, Sunday was the best day to hold it.  Trustees felt that it would be appropriate if a representative from the school could be provided at future services.

 13. Once again we’ve been invited to participate in Lewes Heritage Open Days.  This year it will take place on 9th September.  JD will be speaking at this event and he said he would welcome any support other Trustees were able to give.

 14. In advance of the meeting, David Arnold had circulated a report.  He feels the deadline for the book of the OL reunion in September is achievable.  DC said that he and DA had met Ray Elmett, who had explained to them the system known as “Print on demand”.  This should be a good way for us to produce the book.  AP said that his research had so far yielded information on thirty of the fifty-five/seven, and he would be passing it on to DA for inclusion in the book.

 15. Under this item it was agreed that a small sub-committee be set up, consisting of DC, JD, PH and MR to discuss a possible reunion Chapel service.

 16. Date of the next meeting:  Wednesday 7th March 2018. (This was agreed via e-mail in the days following the meeting).


                       J. Gower 19th March 2017.